JULIA – FIGHT FOR THE PLANET is an ambitious film project. Produced by people who, with visionary thinking and action,
will present answers from today and tomorrow that are essential for our survival.

People like you. People who know that change will only be brought about by actions.





– Research
– Story Development
– Synopsis and Treatment Development 1st draft
– Approval

– Project Outline 1st draft
– Website
– Trailer

– Approval with additional co-producers
– 25% of financing completed

– Phase 1 of casting completed

– Shooting script versions 1-5 completed
– Casting completed
– Financing 75% completed

– Drehbuch abgeschlossen
– Finanzierung geschlossen
– alle Verträge abgeschlossen

– Produktion

– Promotion (Premiere TIFF Toronto International Filmfestival 2020)

– Promotion (Premiere TIFF Toronto International Filmfestival 2020)




fechnerMEDIA is a film production company based in southern Germany, which over the past 30 years has developed a roster of international contacts.

After 15 years of prime time TV production for various television channels around the world, the company has been producing cinema films, focused mainly in the arena of politically ambitious documentary films since 2010.

The company is closely linked to Munich-based PROTECT THE PLANET foundation.

PROTECT THE PLANET is a private association of ecologically committed people, who are committed to the decentralisation of energy. The foundation was founded by the entrepreneur, patron and activist Dorothea Sick-Thies.

The foundation bears the entire initial funding and project development costs of the musical film/motion picture JULIA – THE FIGHT FOR THE EARTH.


Carl-A. Fechner. Born in 1953. Journalist, filmmaker and producer. Studies of media education, completion in 1980. Research commissioned by Deutsche Welle about the use of media in the developing world. Two years managing director of the touring theater BERLINER COMPAGNIE.

Short mission as ARD foreign correspondent. Since 1988 managing partner of fechnerMEDIA GmbH. As managing editor in charge of content and artistic design of fechnerMEDIA movies and media campaigns.

Over 50 documentaries, reports and features mainly for the German TV as producer, more than 30 image and information films as director and producer inside and outside the borders of Germany.
In addition, numerous international documentaries as producer.

Cinema debut as director and producer with THE 4TH REVOLUTION – Energy Autonomy, the most successful documentary film of 2010 in Germany, translated into 28 languages, more than 10 million viewers. His second cinema documentary POWER TO CHANGE became Germany‘s most seen political documentary 2016.


Since 1989 fechnerMEDIA:Production creates fascinating images to make complex historical, social and scientific topics both suspenseful like thrillers and easier to understand. We provide arguments for sweeping social change, communicate methods for competent negotiation and use progressive images to show people their personal and social future in a context of sustainable development. We create storydriven documentaries based on real facts, verified by investigative journalistic research and told in a dramatic build-up.

All our movies meet the highest technical requirements. We work with various renowned directors, cameramen and editors to guarantee creative film and editing work.

Cinema documentary, 84 min., Director and Producer, 2017

Cinema documentary, 94 min., Director and Producer, 2016

TV theme evening for ARTE, 81 min., Producer, 2013

Information film for EU initiative, commissioned production for the European Commission, 60 min, Director and Producer 2013

TV Series, 45min and 52 min, Producer 2013

TV production, 45 min., Director and Producer, 2012

TV production, 28 min., Producer, 2011

Cinema documentary, 84 min., Director and Producer, 2010


Best Feature Film/Full Length Documentary,
Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival 2016, Malaysia
Best Director ifab Award,
International Film Awards Berlin, 2016, Germany
Deauville Golden Green Award, 2016,
France Impact Award,
Vancouver International Film Festival 2016, Canada

Winner Best Documentary Film Polish International Film Festival 2016,
Winner Hollywood Int. Independent Documentary Award 2016,
37. Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2016

German Economy Award 2014

German Environment and Sustainability Film Prize 2014
Nominated Life Sciences Films Festival Prag, 2014

Baikal Film Festival Audience Award 2012,
Nomination Cosmic Cine Award 2011,
Special Award NaturVision-Jury 2011,
TOP 3 German Sustainability Award 2010,
Nomination German Camera Award 2010,

Media Prize “Help For Children In Need” 2013
Best children‘s and youth film Green Me Award 2013
Green me Award 2012


fechnerMEDIA GmbH

Schwarzwaldstraße 45
78194 Immendingen
Tel.: +49 (0) 7462 923920
E-mail: carl-a.fechner@fechnermedia.de

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